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4.0 ( 7040 ratings )
Entwickler AnyPresence, Inc.

AnyProject is an enterprise project management solution designed to make it easier for project managers and their team members to easily share critical information on tasks and updates related to projects. This app requires an AnyProject account for use.

With AnyProject, employees can quickly collaborate and share information on projects while on the go. The app is powered by AnyPresence servers to authenticate users and provide additional mobile services. Version 1.0 features include the ability to:

✓ Add new projects and tasks or update the existing ones
✓ Assign projects and tasks to respective stakeholders (employees)
✓ Define priority of tasks
✓ View the latest status of projects and tasks in graphical form
✓ View the latest activities, corporate news updates and dashboard view of open tasks
✓ Mark tasks complete by a simple swipe gesture
✓ Role based access to key elements of the app. Roles – manager, member, admin
✓ Send SMS and Email notification on creation of new project or task
✓ Send Push Notification on update of a project or task
✓ Selectively turn off notifications for specific projects or tasks


This app requires a username and password to access the AnyProject server. Please contact AnyPresence support if you have any issues with your login information.